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ROYALTY MEME: one of twelve kings/queens: Queen Zenobia of Palmyra

Zenobia (Bat-Zabbai; 240 - c. 275) was a 3rd-century Queen of the Palmyrene Empire in Roman Syria. She claimed to be a descendant of Cleopatra VII of Egypt, Dido of Carthage and Semiramis. She was breathtakingly beautiful, intelligent and was said to be even more beautiful than Cleopatra. She was a skilled rider, hunter and on occasions she drank along with her officers. She was well-educated and was fluent in Greek, Aramaic, Egyptian and Latin. Zenobia became queen when her husband, Odaenathus, the ruler of the Palmyrene Empire, and his son, Hairan, were assassinated in 267. Upon their deaths, Zenobia ruled as a regent in the stead of her infant son, Vaballathus. In her time as a regent, she made herself notable as a warrior queen, launching a number of offensives against neighbouring countries - arguably she was the greatest female conqueror that has ever lived. In 269, Zenobia conquered Eqypt, expelled the Roman authorities there and ruled as Queen of Egypt until 274 when she and her son were captured by the Roman Emperor Aurelian. As a part of Aurelian’s victory parade, Zenobia reportedly was paraded in gold chains through Rome. From there, the fate of Zenobia is uncertain. Some versions suggest that she died soon after her arrival in Rome, where others claim that Aurelian, overwhelmed by her beauty and dignity, offered her an elegant villa in Tibur where she lived in luxury and became a prominent philosopher (read more).

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The Duchess of Cambridge’s maternity fashion ∞ 4 June 2013
↳ Dalmatian printed coat by Hobbs and a fascinator by Sylvia Fletcher, with an Alexander McQueen Wicca Mini-Satchel.

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ROYALTY MEME: one of four films about royalty: A Royal Affair (2012)

A Royal Affair is a story about the young Queen Caroline Mathilde, who’s married to the insane King Christian VII, and falls deeply in love with her husbands physician, Johann Friedrich Struensee. Both were idealists very influenced by the Age of Enlightenment, who were risking everything in their pursuit of freedom for their people (+ more).

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The Duchess of Cambridge’s maternity fashion ∞ 4 June 2013
↳ Bespoke pale pink coat and dress by Jenny Packham and a Jane Taylor hat.

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ROYALTY MEME: one of eleven royal moments in history: Christian X of Denmark being a national symbol during World War II

During the first years of his reign, King Christian X of Denmark was generally perceived as stiff, strict and militaristic. Actually, during what has become know as The Easter Crisis, Christian became so immensely unpopular that he almost caused a revolution. In 1940, Denmark was occupied by Nazi Germany, and unlike his European colleagues, his brother, King Haakon VII of Norway; and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, Christian chose not to go into exile. Though the country was occupied and he physically couldn’t do anything against the Nazis, it didn’t prevent him from being seen as a man of “mental resistance”. The King - unaccompanied by any guards - took his horse, Jubilee, for a daily ride through the streets of Copenhagen. The Danes would wave at their king, or doff their hats, and he would salute back. The majority of the Danes saw this image of their ageing King riding through the streets of the capital as heroic and a symbol of national independence and resistance. In 1942, when Christian turned seventy-two, Adolf Hitler sent the man, whose country he had invaded, a long telegram congratulating him. In return, he replied with a mere “Spreche Meinen beste Dank aus. Chr. Rex (English: Giving my best thanks, King Christian)”. This greatly enraged Hitler and caused a dispute known as the Telegram Crisis. Though the Star of David badge was never introduced in Denmark, Christian mentioned that if it were brought in, he thought it might be a good idea for every Dane to wear it in sympathy with their fellow (Jewish) Danes. When the Nazis wanted to replaced the Danish flag on the top of his residence, Amalienborg Palace, with a Nazi rag, the King got angry and said that if they did so, he would send a Danish soldier to replace it with the Danish flag. The Nazis then replied that they would shoot the soldier, to which he answered “That Danish soldier would be me”. And so the Danish flag stayed in place all-through the war. Christian continued his daily rides till a fall from his beloved horse on 19 October 1942, left him more or less invalid for the rest of his reign. He died on 20 April 1947, but to this day he remain known as “Rytterkongen”, or “the Riding King”, in Denmark (+ more).

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The Duchess of Cambridge’s maternity fashion ∞ 22 May 2013
↳ Lemon-patterned Emilia Wickstead coat and LK Bennett heels.

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royalty meme

this is a meme made entirely for my own purpose because i have far too little knowledge in most of the categories that doesn’t have anything to do with royalty in the lovely history meme (please go and do it, i absolutely adore when history meme graphics pop up on my dash). feel free to edit and/or do whatever you like with it (that’s what she said).

twelve kings/queens
eleven royal moments in history
ten consorts/husbands/wives
nine fancasts/au/best portrayals
eight princesses
seven princes
six pairings
five royal families
four films about royalty
three weddings
two assassinations
one favourite royal
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The Duchess of Cambridge’s maternity fashion ∞ 29 April 2013
↳ Peach Tara Jarmon coat and a complimenting peach handmade dress.

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The Duchess of Cambridge’s maternity fashion ∞ 26 April 2013
Topshop polka dot dress and a chic black Ralph Lauren blazer.

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